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 Popovy Doll Society - Rules (Please Read Here Before Posting)

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Popovy Doll Society - Rules (Please Read Here Before Posting) Empty
PostSubject: Popovy Doll Society - Rules (Please Read Here Before Posting)   Popovy Doll Society - Rules (Please Read Here Before Posting) EmptyMon Oct 15, 2012 3:47 pm

★ Rules of Popovy Doll Society ★

Like a Star @ heaven First and foremost, if you are not a registered user you will not be able to see the full forum, and there will be an ad on the pages. Please register for the full, fantastic, ad-free forum (Free of charge, of course!).

This forum is for the dolls of Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, and for the artists themselves. Please keep forum conversations on topic in appropriate threads.
Popovy Dolls are the only dolls on-topic here.

The Chatbox is for your pleasure; go as far off topic as you please! Be social!

Guests cannot see the full board, and they will also see ads. Sign up to be ad free and have full access to the boards.

Please do not spam the forum, including the Chatbox!

The "Be Creative" forums (Dollmaking and so forth) may, by nature, go off topic from the topic of Popovy dolls themselves, but participants of those forums should also be participants in the other areas of the forum. Do not singularly join the forum to promote yourself or your handmade works.

Please keep your posts in the English language. Don't worry if you are not perfect in English!

Each user should have one account, and one only!

When you join the forum, you are kindly encouraged to introduce yourself! It's not mandatory, but as a community we'd love to welcome you officially! Post a little about things like where you are from, your interests and what you like about Popovy Dolls!

The golden rule is treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Remember, the site will not tolerate any hateful, malicious or slanderous behavior. Please do not slander any other person, artist or doll. We do not want ANY member to feel isolated because of any reason. Hate toward anyone based on race, religion, gender, etc. will not be tolerated and may award you a ban from the site.

This site is for 13+ individuals. Keep talk clean. Please refrain from profanity and being rude with eachother. Remember, making enemies over the Internet is nonsense!

This site will contain nude dolls, but pictures should be artistic and tasteful; any adult content, or anything sexual, or objectifying will be removed. Do not post anything offensive or objectifying toward women, sexualizing of dolls, or containing negative stereotypes. Nothing depicting gore, violence, or ANY pornography will be allowed.

Quoting: Please do not "quote" images. Remove the image tags around the link and only quote the direct link

The 'Marketplace' (Buy, Sell, Trade) section is only viewable to those with 25 posts. Members with 25 posts are called 'Full Access Users' and will be able to buy, sell, and trade on the forum

The Gallery: The gallery is for pictures of Popovy Dolls you either own or have photographed through exhibition or other means. You may also create posts for Popovy Sisters accessories (costumes, wigs and so on), however, if you do not own a Popovy Doll, please just post pictures of the clothing and accessories, do not post off-topic dolls wearing or using said Popovy costumes and accessories.
Posting off-topic dolls can only be for comparison photo purposes, where in the same photo there is a Popovy Doll. Mentioning off-topic dolls is fine in text, just do not make a conversation out of other dolls.

The Artwork forum should only feature artwork directly inspired by the Popovy sisters and their dolls.

User avatars are limited to 150x150 pixels max.

Signature guidelines: 1-2 images are allowed, the total dimensions are limited to 300 x 75 pixels. One line of text is fine along with the image(s).

Please no hotlinking - If you wish to share an image, please upload it to a free image hosting service or host it yourself.

The administrators hold the right to remove any members from the site by banishment if rules and multiple warnings are not adhered to. Admins and moderators may lock or remove any threads or posts not adhering to the rules.

Thank you very much for joining the forum, we look forward to having plenty of good times here!

Like a Star @ heavenAdmin
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Popovy Doll Society - Rules (Please Read Here Before Posting)
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